“I have to be honest, he [Dieter] is truly an experience. When I came over from another company, I had the pleasure of being in his presence and was still telling people about him a year later. Dieter is one of the most uplifting speakers that I have ever heard. He is very passionate about his work and wants others to succeed and be at their best. I thank him again for his time and for making me think of how to better myself along with my team.”


- Taylor Stork, EVP - National Sales - MCS

“In my profession I have the opportunity to meet and assess the strengths of candidates from every stratum and position within a traditional financial services enterprise. Over the years, I have not encountered a more qualified learning professional than Dieter Hertling. He is far more than a "trainer or training manager;" Dieter has elevated learning to a full-scale professional business platform. He is a Learning Professional by experience, education, and certification. Dieter ranks at the top of his profession nationally.”


- Ken Goodson, President - The Goodson Co.

"Dieter, The Emprove Group, and its CSS 2.0 walk the talk. They do what they say they are going to do and what they do works. It's measurable and tangible magic. Dieter has the resources and the skills to take unique yet fragmented pieces and create this magnificent brand of "You, Inc." It's a process of discovery that results in legitimate impact. From springboard to full-head-on-blow-your-mind immersion, these guys get it and share it."


- Lisa R. deGuzman, HR Executive

"One of the most powerful, dynamic and hillarious motivational speakers I've ever heard."

As a Speaker...

As a Learning Professional...

As a Coach...

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